Heartbreak Hotel Free Welcome Pack


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✅ A FREE Breakin’ Hearts Commemorative Keychain

✅  A Personal Note from me!

✅  An official 21 Page ‘Heartbreak Hotel Welcome Booklet’ sent direct to your email.

Your Welcome Booklet includes:

✅  A ‘This Welcome Booklet Belongs To‘ section, so you can make this experience your own

✅  An Official Welcome Letter to Heartbreak Hotel

✅  An Itinerary so you can be up to date on all the activities that are planned for you during your 10 Day stay AND when they’ll happen so you don’t miss out!

✅  A ‘Meet Your Hotelier’ Section so you can find out more about me – your hostess with the most-ess 🤣

✅  Lyrics to ALL the tracks on the Breakin’ Hearts Album so that you can sing your way through the 10 Day experience! (Hint: You’ll want this for Karaoke Night!

✅  A Breakin Hearts Crossword Puzzle to keep you busy in your downtime during your stay.

✅  A Journaling Page, so you can reflect on your stay & all the exciting activities at Heartbreak Hotel!


Heads up – this is just a one time offer, so I won’t tempt you with it again during your stay, but I thought it’d be a nice little commemorative item to have to make this experience a bit more fun! Plus the keychains looked pretty cute & when people ask you about it – you can share my music with them!

And since you’re taking a chance by coming on this journey with me, I don’t want to charge you for this either. It’s my little ‘thank you‘ for taking a chance on something new. All I ask is that you help me out by covering the postage cost.