SIGNED LIMITED EDITION: Angel (feat. Beccy Cole) – CD Single (2020)


Sarah McLachlan’s ‘Angel’ is the song that made Hayley Jensen a household name in 2004 after performing it on Australian Idol.  This commemorative version of the haunting yet uplifting ballad has been recorded as a duet with one of Hayley’s own musical idols, legendary Australian country music star, Beccy Cole. Produced by multi-award-winning producer, Matt Fell, featuring Michel Rose on pedal steel and Scott Aplin on piano.  Hayley and Beccy met in 2004 whilst performing for Coalition Forces in the Middle East with the Australian Defence Force. The shared experience forged a strong friendship, that years on would lead to this stunningly beautiful vocal collaboration.

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Track Listing:

  1. Angel – Hayley Jensen feat. Beccy Cole
  2. Angel – Hayley Jensen – Piano Vocal Version
  3. Angel – Instrumental

Producer: Matt Fell, LoveHz Studios, Sydney AUS

Signed by Hayley Jensen only.