We Are One World


SO EXCITED to have been part of this amazing global collaboration of artists raising funds for COVID-19 relief efforts! A song about hope and the human spirit πŸ™Œ #weare1worldsong

The singers and musicians who performed on this track recorded their parts in isolation in their home studios. It features so many awesome well known artists from around the globe! I mean, The Harlem Gospel Choir, The Road Hammers, Tim Hicks, Bare Naked Ladies, Raghav just to name a few!
Go check it out, see who you can spot & why not make your own version!

The official version:Β 

This song was written, recorded and the video produced and completed in 16 days. A true labour of love.

Our goal is to have as many people as possible record their own version of this song and share it on your socials with your friends! Let’s get the positive message of this song to spread around the world!

You can download the tracks at www.weare1world.net and use them to record your own version. Or create your own version!

Hayley’s own version (LIVE):

Upload & Share it on YouTube and your social platforms by tagging Weare1world or @weare1world.song (on insta) and hashtag #weare1worldsong

Proceeds from the song are being donated to COVID-19 relief efforts.

Let’s hear your voice! #weareoneworldsong