Tamworth Country Music Festival 2017


Hayley had a fantastic sophomore year at the Tamworth Country Music Festival this year! For the first time, Hayley hosted her own, exciting new event at the Tamworth Golf Club, a Gala Dinner, which was an extremely successful evening for all involved. It was a night filled with glitz, glamour, a delicious 4 course dinner, a red carpet, and outstanding entertainment by Mae Valley (X-Factor NZ), multi award winning artist Kirsty-Lee Akers, Lachlan Bryan and Hayley.

“Our gorgeous host of the night Hayley Jensen closed the night and absolutely wowed everyone. Hayley has been on Idol and The Voice and with her brand new EP debuting at #1 on the iTunes Charts she is definitely going to become a star of country music” – Tamworth Golf Club

Hayley also took over the ‘Northern Daily Leader’ Facebook page to give viewers a ‘behind the scenes’ sneak peak at the event and to stream parts of it live. Watch the video of Hayley’s performance of catchy song ‘I Took You Back’ off her new EP ‘Past Tense & Present Peace’ performed acoustic at the Gala Night below.

Hayley and Kris Red Carpet Gala Dinner TCMF2017 Hayley Jensen and Mae Valley Red Carpet at Gala Dinner TCMF2017 Justin KIX Country Nat Brooke Gala Dinner Red Carpet TCMF2017 Mae Valley KLA Hayley Jensen Red Carpet TCMF2017 Red Carpet TCMF2017

Hayley performed a number of other show during the festival, including at ‘Country Under The Vines’ at The Longyard Hotel, raising money for Ronald McDonald House in Tamworth (video below), at the prestigious Tamworth Memorial Town Hall as part of the “Our Kind of Country’ show, paying tribute to one of her favourite Australian female country artists, Gina Jeffreys with a rendition of her song ‘Girls Night Out’ (video below).

Hayley also performed on the Toyota FanZone stage (video below) and as part of an impromptu pop-up concert streamed live across the KIX Country radio network’s Facebook page. Hayley also did two fantastic ‘Countdown’ shows at Wests Leagues Legends Lounge & Wests Diggers Courtyard the prior to the festival kicking off.

“I had the most extraordinary time at TCMF this year! It was so great to perform for and meet so many of my amazing supporters who’d traveled from across the country to be at the festival. It was awesome to reflect on how much I had achieved over the year too with so many people turning up to my shows and singing along to my songs I’d released during the year. All round, it was a fantastic way to kick off the year with a bang! Bring on 2017!”


Hayley performs “I Took You Back” live & acoustic during the Tamworth Country Music Gala Night she hosted @ The Tamworth Golf Club as part of the Tamworth Country Music Festival 2017

Hayley performs her single “I’ll Always Love you” live during “Country under the Vines” at The Longyard as part of the Tamworth Country Music Festival 2017

Hayley performs “Girls Night Out” live during the “Our Kind of Country” night @ the Tamworth Townhall as part of the Tamworth Country Music Festival 2017