SHAKE MY BONES – New Music Video


HERE IT IS! The thrilling music video for ‘Shake My Bones’ – filmed by Golden Guitar Award winning producer Jay Seeney of Blacklist Productions! And it kicks off where my #1 CMT music video for ‘Karma’ left us – but this time, there’s a twist!!

Little re-cap…After arriving in my super slick green Jaguar at the beginning of ‘Karma’, I catch the betraying man red handed & light his prized BMW on fire – ‘that’s karma!’ The start of ‘Shake My Bones’, see’s me get back into the Jag, only to find myself led astray by a ‘bad boy’ and caught up in yet another criminal act, and this time, karma’s got her eyes on a new villain!

‘Shake My Bones’ is out now via Social Family Records & available to stream & buy on Hayley Jensen’s #1 ARIA Country Album ‘Breakin’ Hearts’. Also available as a red limited edition vinyl.

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