Breakin’ Hearts – Official Music Video


Set in the Wild Wild West, where Outlaws ruled and tended to get whatever they wanted, the animated music video for Breakin’ Hearts tells the story of a Cowboy renowned for breaking the hearts of women across the land. Only this time, he meets his match, with a female Gunslinger on a mission to teach him a lesson! It begins with a civil game of poker in the Saloon bar, but quickly turns bad when the Outlaw tries to cheat by pulling an ‘Ace of Hearts’ from his sleeve – his destiny is sealed!

Now playing on CMT Australia!

Creative direction & story: Hayley Jensen

Video Producer: Wow-How Studio

Music Producer: Troy Kokol, Reluctant Cowboy Music

Mix Engineer: Jordan Oorebeek

Mastered: Piper Payne, Infrasonic Mastering