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My critically acclaimed, debut album, released after I was a Finalist on Australian Idol PLUS a BONUS FREE CD!

'Note To Self' - CD Album

Beautifully produced by multi-award winning producer, Matt Fell, ‘Note To Self’ has a real contemporary, country crossover feel and features 11 Tracks, including a hidden bonus track.

As you’re now familiar with my most recent work, I wanted to take you back in time & offer you my debut album ‘Note To Self’. I wrote and produced the album after appearing on Australian Idol in 2004, and fans who have followed me since then, and new supporters to this day, tell me they believe these songs are still some of my best work. I often get requests, and still perform many of the songs at my live shows today.

I only have a very limited number of these CDs left in my possession (~100), and I no longer have the original artwork files, but I figure what’s left is better off in your collection than in my cupboard! 

I released 3 singles from the album (Alive, Stronger & Waste Away), and made music videos for the later two which received airplay on Rage on ABC TV.

I also made a Limited Edition Extended CD Single for Stronger, which contains the music video + a karaoke version of the song for those who love to sing along!

Stronger CD Single

You’re still here with me, so I’m going to include a FREE copy of this Limited Edition Stronger Extended CD Single if you decide to take up my very special offer on ‘Note To Self‘ today! (usually valued at $5)

I really think you’d love these songs, and if you’ve taken me up on my prior offers, this will pretty much complete your collection of my life’s work!  And that, my new friend, would make me tremendously happy!


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