Heartbreak Hotel – Welcome – Day 1

WELCOME! You made it and you're right on time!

I absolutely cannot believe you were able to fit all of that in one suitcase!! You’ve got your toothbrush, your favourite party outfit, and even your best pair of boots…Go YOU! Just don’t go leaving those boots under another guests bed during your stay, or you’ll be busted by room service! 

Now let me explain how your stay at Heartbreak Hotel is going to work…

What activities are planned for your stay?

You’ve checked in for 10 magical days…each day (via email), you will receive a ‘key‘ to unlock a new door in the hotel… behind each door is all of the exciting adventures you’ve come here especially to explore!

You can: LISTEN to a song from Breakin’ Hearts, UNCOVER the stories behind the songs, WATCH acoustic videos especially prepared for your stay, SING-A-LONG to all of the lyrics, PLAY fun games & puzzles – even karaoke!! 

Plus at the end of your stay, you will have access to exclusive merchandise to commemorate your stay.

For real though, the next 10 days are meant to be an escape. Stress, worries, doubts, and fears have no place here. I want the next 10 days to be a place of positivity, fun, healing, self exploration, and community. So, as we begin this incredible journey together I’d like you to close your eyes, smile (the biggest SMILE you can manage), and step into the best 10 days of the year…

Ready to see your room?