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Hayley Jensen - Past Tense & Present Peace Hayley Jensen - The One
Hayley Jensen - Note to Self - front-square Hayley Jensen - Stronger

Hayley Jensen Solo Releases:

EP / Singles

Summertime Soundtrack “Summertime Soundtrack” – 2017 (Single)


Download here: Summertime Soundtrack – Single (2017)

Past Tense & Present Peace EP “Past Tense & Present Peace” – 2017 (EP)


Download here: Past Tense & Present Peace (EP)

The One - single “I’ll Always Love You” – 2016 (Single)


On iTunes: I’ll Always Love You

On YouTube: I’ll Always Love You [Official Lyric Video]

The One - single “The One” – 2016 (Single)


On iTunes: The One

On YouTube: The One [Official Lyric Video]

Waste Away - promo single “Waste Away” – 2008 (Radio Single)


On iTunes: Note to Self (Album)

On YouTube: Waste Away [Official Music Video]

Stronger - single ‘Stronger” – 16 June 2007 (#11 A.I.R & #7 Hitseekers Chart)


On iTunes: Stronger

On YouTube: Stronger [Official Music Video]

Alive - Single “Alive” – August 2006 – #68 Australia (#2 A.I.R., #20 Australian Singles)


On iTunes: Alive



Note to Self - Album “Note to Self” – Hayley Jensen (16 September 2007)


On iTunes: Note to Self (Album)


Silver Cities Releases: 2013

EP / Singles

Silver Cities - What You Waiting For- Single “What You Waiting For” – Silver Cities – Single – December 2013


On iTunes: What You Waiting For (Single)

On YouTube: What You Waiting For [Promotional Music Video]

Silver Cities - Lights - Single “Lights” – Silver Cities – Single – 2013


On iTunes: Lights (Single)

On YouTube: Lights [Official Music Video]


Silver Cities - Lights - Album “Lights” – Silver Cities – December 2013


On iTunes: Lights (Album)

On YouTube: Young Forever [Promotional Music Video]


Seasons Releases: 2011

Seasons - Moment of Clarity - EP “A Moment of Clarity” – Seasons – EP – 2011


On iTunes: A Moment of Clarity EP