Hayley Jensen is an accomplished singer-songwriter based in Sydney, Australia, passionate about stirring the soul through the experience of sound and stories.

Hayley’s first taste of fame came after placing 4th in Australian Idol (2004) however, as many who followed her journey would recall, this outstanding achievement didn’t come on a silver platter. After being turned back from her first audition in her hometown of Canberra, she travelled to Sydney, determined to try again and make her mark. This time around she wowed the judges to earn a place in the Top 24 where she performed Sarah McLachlan’s ‘Angel’ and was subsequently voted through to the Top 12 by the Australian public. Week after week Hayley fought for her place in the competition, holding her ground until the final 4 and securing her place in the hearts of millions of viewers across the country.

“Making music and performing is all I ever wanted to do. As far back as I can remember I was always whistling, harmonizing and making up melodies. I grew up listening mostly to Country-pop music like Shania Twain, Jewel, Sarah McLauchlan, and my parents’ favourites, Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles, but I loved all types. I dreamed that one day I would be the superstar in the music video shows and got up early every weekend to watch them and imagine it was me. Then a little show called Idol emerged, and it ignited a fire within.”


Since Idol, she has worked tirelessly and forged a successful career in the music industry. From performing for the Australian Defence Force to entertain coalition forces in the Middle East alongside Angry Anderson, Little Patty & Beccy Cole to Tamworth in 2016, she has certainly covered some ground!

Hayley has worked with some of the top producers in music and in 2006 released her debut EP ‘Alive’ which hit #2 in Australian Independent Records (AIR) charts & #20 on the ARIA Australasian Singles charts. Hayley’s debut album ‘Note to Self’, was co-written with Jay Collie, Jasper Somerville-Collie and Sam Hawksley. The record was brought to life by ARIA & Golden Guitar winning producer Matt and released in 2007.

Follow up singles ‘Stronger’ & ‘Waste Away’ both experienced successful national radio campaigns and the music videos were broadcast nationally on ‘Video Hits’ and ‘Rage’ music TV shows.

In 2011 Hayley worked with award winning producer Lindsay Rimes at SongRimes Studio (Timomatic, Reece Mastin, Stan Walker, Madden Brothers – Benji & Joel) to produce an EP with band, Seasons, called ‘A Moment of Clarity’ released independently later that year. Track 4, a haunting ballad called ‘From Dust’, was later featured on TV1’s promotion for ‘Law & Order’. Her next release with band ‘Silver Cities, called ‘Lights’ saw life in early 2013, broadcast a number of times during the AFL on Channel 7, it also won them a MusicOz – Australian Independent Music Award.

In 2014, 10 years after her outstanding run on Australian Idol, Hayley auditioned for The Voice Australia, making an unforgettable return to the small screen. Will.i.Am described her rendition of Zoe Badwi’s ‘Freefallin’ as ‘flawless’ and Kylie Minogue described Hayley as ‘the whole package’.

“I have grown so much as an artist since Idol and really wanted an opportunity to share that with people – to reconnect with fans and friends from that time (remember there was no Facebook then!) and to hopefully make some new fans along the way!”


The performance and what was to follow dominated mainstream media for the next week, with Joel Maddens impressive ‘free-fall’ from his spinning coaches chair all over the news across the globe. Hayley joined Team Kylie and even had coaching advice from superstar Katy Perry on the next ‘Battle Round’ performance of ‘Roar’. Although not giving up without a fight, Hayley graciously bowed out of the competition at this stage. The YouTube video for her performance of ‘Freefallin’ has now amassed more than 1.8 million views!

Toward the end of 2015, Hayley knew it was time. She sat down with her piano and began writing from her heart once more. An experience that guided her back to her Country roots.

“These songs are incredibly personal to me. Often, in the past, I’ve written about something/someone else or a hypothetical situation, but these songs are all from a very raw and honest place. They are my stories. To be truthful, it’s really quite scary putting them out there in the big wide world. I feel extremely vulnerable, but I know that the experiences I’ve been through and the lessons I’ve learned are not just for me. As a singer-songwriter, I feel a responsibility to share these stories and hopefully resonate enough to connect, help and inspire others.”


Returning to work with her very first producer, Matt Fell, Hayley has recorded a number of very special songs and is still writing for her second solo album. Hayley released her first solo single in 8 years, ‘The One’ at the Tamworth Country Music Festival. Performing a number of shows at her first ever TCMF, including supporting the legendary James Blundell, Hayley was also a Finalist in Toyota Starmaker at the festival. ‘The One’ gained serious traction on country radio stations across the nation, reaching #1 on the Australian Country Radio Charts, and months on from its release, still at #6 in iTunes Country Chart. The happy, summery music video accompanying the track continues to move up the Country Music Chanel’s Top 40 charts, 5 months after its initial release, proving that Hayley has found great support and a loyal home for her new music in the Australian music industry.
Hayley’s follow up single, ‘I’ll Always Love You’ was co-written with Nashville based, Billboard winning songwriter, Phil Barton, and digitally released on the 3rd June, her Father’s birthday, in memory of him. Hayley’s Dad sadly and suddenly passed away from a rare type of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma only two months earlier, and Hayley had cared for him during this time.

“He loved my music and was my biggest supporter. He always thought I should have more success than I’ve had so far” said Hayley “I just want to continue to make him proud, and to prove him right!”


The beautiful love song roared up the iTunes Country charts on the night of its release to reach #2, second only to Keith Urban’s commercial smash hit ‘Fighter’.

Hayley’s latest solo release ‘Past Tense and Present Peace’ was released in February 2017 and debuted as #1 on the iTunes album chart! What will truly steal your attention is her lyrical intent – honest, real stories of heartbreak, love, loss, and life, brought to life by Hayley’s unmistakable souring, lilting yet equally powerful vocals.